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March 05, 2015

This is a bit of rushed release, since it seems like there is lots of users who have issues with Korduene 0.5, this release should fix most of the mentioned bugs, easy globalization should have been included in this version, but I guess that will be included in another release.

By Rebin

February 16, 2015

There is a lot of changes in this release, types and control handling have totally changed, almost everything is dynamic now, control properties and Enums are generated dynamically. But beware this release is pre-Alpha, so expect lots of bugs and as usual if something doesn't work as it should, please report it on forums.

By Rebin

January 30, 2015

More Data Structure changes As mentioned with the release of 0.3, data structure changes are expected in these minor releases because Korduene is still in its alpha stage, This stops after the stable release, even if there are data changes projects created with earlier versions will automatically be upgraded.

By Rebin

January 23, 2015

There has been data structure changes, due to lots of code re-factoring, this means projects created with previous versions (ie: 0.1, 0.2) will not be compatible with this version, also there might be more data changes in the upcoming versions (before the stable release) for better performance.

By Rebin

January 12, 2015

I have just released a quick update for Korduene 0.2 This version doesn't come with any new features unfortunately, but it fixes one major problem, which is requiring Admin rights each time Korduene runs.

By Rebin

January 04, 2015

Korduene is now on KickStarter! To help further development of Korduene, support it on KickStarter. If you like Korduene, spread the word! Korduene needs public attention for it to succeed.

By Rebin

December 31, 2014

Korduene development has been resumed, its going to be a slow process but it will be worth it 🙂 Most of the components are being rewritten from scratch and some will remain the same. Most of these changes will be under the hood, which means most of the general interface will remain the same

By Rebin

December 08, 2014

Korduene Development has currently been suspended

November 24, 2014

I have created "Tutorial Requests" forum, so you can request a tutorial on a Korduene related subject and I shall make one when I get around it.\nPlease note that unlike fixing bugs or adding new features, I can't make tutorials right away, so be patient after you request a tutorial.

By Rebin

November 21, 2014

I have just uploaded couple of video tutorials, one about Events and References and one about creating controls in Graph. Hope it is to your liking

By Rebin