Korduene 0.6 Released

March 05, 2015

This is a bit of rushed release, since it seems like there is lots of users who have issues with Korduene 0.5, this release should fix most of the mentioned bugs, easy globalization should have been included in this version, but I guess that will be included in another release.

Automatic Type Selection
Since one of main goals is making application development as easy possible, now there is a new feature.
Instead of selecting types manually while using some nodes, now they are done automatically, for example if you were to use
the numeric comparison node, you don't need to select the type, all you need to do is connect the variable, if it is numeric type
then the node accepts it and changes its port types. Same goes with "ForEach Loop".

More efficient updater
Now updater is more efficient, it makes sure that Korduene has exited properly before starting its update process,
which preventing crashes and update loops.

Single Click Functions
Context menus have been removed from nodes that have only one function, for example String Join node, new ports are added to it when you click the info button.

More DataGridView Functions
Now DataGridView has more options, now you can add/remove Columns/Rows/Cells.

Size & Point
Sizes & Points are no longer represented as functions, now are they are represented as variables as they should be, that reduces the complications of setting them with Variable Setter node.

New Controls (Experimental)
There are some new controls under Advanced Controls category, these controls are not native WinForms controls they are basically UserControls containing WPF controls and not all of their properties are available, also beware that their events are not setup, for example Click events will not be fired because

Automatic Language Selection
Korduene supports better globalization, languages are automatically selected on the first run, if your computer language is found in Korduene translations, then it is automatically selected, so you can use Korduene in your own language.
Note: this is not fully tested, so I'll appreciate it if you test it and let me know about the results, before doing that, you need to backup "Korduene.confg" and delete it, that will reset Korduene settings.

Error Messages
When Korduene crashed there was only a message with a minimum amount of information was shown, so why Korduene crashed was unclear, now a window will show with full error message, that can be used for better crash diagnosing.

Language Editor
Korduene Language Editor is now stabilized and included in Korduene installation directory, you can translate Korduene and send the language file to me and I shall include it in the updates.

Variable Setter
Variable Setter is back, due to some issues Variable Setter node was excluded in version 0.5, now it's available and accepts types automatically.

Bug fixes:

    * Form size not the same at runtime as in design time.
    * Top half of form not appearing.
    * Form borders not appearing properly.
    * List Add/Get/Remove not working properly.[/list:u]

By Rebin

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