Korduene 0.7 Released!

March 26, 2015

Korduene 0.7 has been released and it comes with major features and performance improvements! Support for extensions, custome nodes and the long awaited Database support.

Database Support (SQLite)
The long awaited database support is here! I know lots of users requested and been waiting for this feature, so I have decided to no longer put this off because it was too big and required waiting its own library to function with the nodes.
Its just SQLite now, because SQLite is easier to manage and requires only two libraries as dependencies, which they are included "Lib" in Korduene installation directory, and even better it's in public domain, so it doesn't require any licenses. This feature just like most of other features works with Graphs.

This is a big one! After so many trials and errors and different approaches, now you have the ability to extend Korduene's functionality. There is only a few exposed APIs at the moment, but one of the most useful ones which most users wanted is creating your own nodes. Further more you will be able to access Korduene's native nodes (source for nodes will be available in the next version).

Now you can distribute your applications in many languages, it also comes with automatic language selection feature, which will select a language for your application based on system language on startup.
I have been putting this off for a while, because it was too big. I have to admit the interface is not so appealing, however it's really easy to use and does its job.
And the best part about this feature is after I've been up all night implementing this, I showed it to my wife the next day and her response was "well, this is sh!te." You've got to love programming 🙂

Modify & Run
This new feature allows you to modify project code before compiling it, this is good when you want to know how your project code is generated, or have compiler errors and need a quick fix, however since your project code is generated based on your forms and graphs, your code will revert back to the way it was when it's generated the next time, so you should still be reporting compiler errors if you get constant compiler errors that are generated by Korduene.
* This makes code preview obsolete, so it might be removed in the upcoming versions.

Node Categorizing
Now node headers are color coded where you can tell variables, functions, methods and other types apart.

Performance Improvements
Huge performance improvements, loading Forms/Graphs is much faster, before a project like Win8.1ToUSB (with about 200 nodes and links) was loaded in about 18 seconds now it loads in about 5 seconds. Same for deleting/cutting/copying and pasting.

Wider Link Selection Area
Links were to narrow to select, now link selection hot spot is 20 pixels wide which is harder to miss.

Affected Nodes:

* As there has been a lot of bug fixes which some are not documented, only major features are listed here.
* If your graph is not loaded properly (missing links), Press Ctrl+Q (Graph>Update).

Big thanks to all for the suggestions and bug reports, I'm also aware not all requests have been implemented, but there is so much to and so little time, but be sure your requests have not been forgotten.

By Rebin

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