Korduene 0.9 Released

May 13, 2015

Korduene 0.9 released! This release comes with some advanced features where you will be able to do absolutely anything you wish with the .NET framework. Manage your graphs more easily, create your nodes once and use them everywhere!

Dynamic Types
In the Graph menu now there is a "Types" category that allows to create any type you want, .NET framework types or types from your own libraries, further more you can call the methods and functions on these types, plus get their events with parameters. This makes predefined nodes almost obsolete, because you can do pretty much anything with this new feature, without the need for any other nodes. The best part about this feature is you can find information about all the types/methods/functions/events anywhere online.
This all also covers types from external libraries that you have referenced to your project.

Methods, Functions and Events
Get a list of methods and functions for any type, along with all the method overloads and call the method right on the spot. It doesn't just stop there, you will be able to get and invoke methods in the Types properties, for example if you have a ListBox and connect the Items property, you will be able to call Add method. Even better, this will not create extra methods in your graph code, the code will be added to method it's been called from.

Auto Type Casting
The new Type system also includes auto type casting, which allows you to easily cast one type to another.

List Converting
A new node is provided to easily convert any list from any type to any other type.

As suggested by users, now you can create comments for a group of nodes, which is a good way to track what the nodes do, also you can move all the contained nodes by moving the comment.

Remote Nodes
You can right click on almost any port and create a reference to it, with that a remote node will be created where you can communicate with the original node through the remote node, which makes your graph much more readable, at any time if you want to know which node is the remote node is referring to, click on the InfoButton and it should bring the original node to view.

Custom Nodes (Experimental)

If you have been following the development of Korduene you know there are more than one way to create your own nodes, creating it from scratch in C#, containers and using Method/Function nodes, which each have their own advantages and disadvantages, now you have another option, by using predefined nodes and using the new type system.

You can create nodes the same way as you create containers, except your nodes will be stored in files (.KGN) so you can use it with other projects too, you only need to change the node in one place, as soon as you save your node all the nodes of that type will be updated in all the Graphs in your project.

* Keep in mind, you cannot create custom nodes in custom nodes (file in file) but you have the whole graph to work with and can edit the node any time you want.

* It's recommended that you don't reference other objects in your project while creating your custom nodes, this will allow more portability for the nodes between your projects.

Nodes Window
Now you're presented with a new window which contains all the custom nodes you've created for your project, further more you can organize them without using explorer and drag them into your graphs when you need them.

Redesigned Forms window (Content)
The Forms window which is now Content has been redesigned to show all the content from your Forms and Graphs, keep in mind currently this feature is for easy access to the objects and not organize them, that is because all your controls are organized by the Designer and all your nodes also organized by the Graph.

There was supposed to be another project type and some other new features included in this release, but since this release includes some essential features and important bug fixes, it couldn't be delayed anymore.

By Rebin

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by Rebin
4 years ago

Unfortunately there is no changelog that contains changes for these small releases.Because these updates are minor releases that fix small bugs or add small features and usually done within ten minutes.A proper changelog will be created with the release of version 1.0

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by enotar
4 years ago

Rebin, I see that you are updating Korduene in regular basis with maybe some small adjustments. Any place we can find what change in these updates?Thank you

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by Rebin
4 years ago

Thanks for your kind words EvgeniyM, I wouldn't call it a miracle, but it seems pretty good so far 🙂

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by EvgeniyM
4 years ago

(Google-translator)I can `t believe my eyes. I've never seen a system like this one. Respected Rebin, you have created a miracle...

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