MS SQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle and OleDB support

December 11, 2015

Finally database support for multiple database types, all with one set of unified nodes that can be used for all the mentioned database types.
The whole database support unified in such way that all functions work the same way for every database type, this way you only need to know how something works once, because that applies to all the database types.

One set of nodes
There is only one set of nodes for all the database types, that is so you only need to know how it works once and it will apply to all the database types, even though they might be different.

You can easily change the database type you're targeting in the properties window.

With this update, there are three new libraries included, which are for MySQL, SQLite and Oracle.
You need to reference these libraries to fit your needs accordingly. Unfortunately due lack of time, I haven't been able to automate this process.

If you think it's missing something or want something added, let me know.
Here is a very basic example project:

By Rebin

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by Zeljko
4 years ago

Just Great Man!Now we're talking some serious things....Keep up the good work!

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by Rebin
5 years ago

Hi Folkert,Thank you, I've just updated Korduene with TestConnection node, it will try to close an reopen the connection and will let you know if it was a success or fail.Basic SQLite connection:

Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;
Basic SQLite connection with password:
Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Password=myPassword;
Let me know if you need anything else.

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by Fjhobma
5 years ago

Hi Rebin,Great job!! What should be the connection string for sqllite? How can I test the connection?Regards Folkert

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