Korduene website is back online!

November 15, 2016

The website has been down for way too long, now it's back on and functional, resuming Korduene development is next! In the meantime you can login using your username, however you need to reset your password first.

When I first created the website, it was pretty much static pages generated by various tools I've created, which made it a lot harder to post updates and keep you updated, so due to lack of time, it was a post here and there.

But what was even worse was the forum, which was a third party application, got bombarded with spam to a point where I had to completely suspend the forum, which meant users could not post anything, which was pretty pointless. And I couldn't really customize it much since it was written in php, so I've made the desicion to rewrite the website and make it fully dynamic.

Anyhow, since I did not have much time, developing the website was going painfully slow, even as of writing this, the website is missing some features, that I will implement in near future, if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Anyway I've preserved the forum data (well the text at least), however with all the registered spammers, I've deleted all the users that haven't posted anything, and I do apologize to any of the genuine users that I may have deleted, but no worries, you can sign up with your old user name if you wish.

Since I could only migrate some of the data from the old system, you are going to need to reset your password before you can login.

Long story short, re-wrote the website to make it more flexible and easier to manage and customize, and when you're logged in, you're logged in across the website, so you can post/comment anywhere, however didn't have time to implement some of the old website features like private messaging, but may do when I have time, and now back to developing Korduene.

So here are a few things you should know:
* The setup file is hosted on Korduene server instead of sourceforge, same for the project samples.
* Private messaging has been removed, so if you want to contact me use the contact link at the bottom.
* Suspended the main website email (temporary), so please only contact me via contact link at the bottom.

Resuming the development
Development will be resumed very shortly, I will be fixing current breaking bugs, and then I will be moving on to developing version 1.0 which may mean rewriting most parts (if not all) of Korduene.

So if you're an existing user click here to reset your password to be able to login.

And at the end I want to apologize for the website being down for so long, and thank you for your patience.

By Rebin

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by ericnotar
4 years ago

Thanks for the hard work, glad to be here.
Couldnt reset my password so I create a new user name
I installed 0.91 but no updates with latest changes and add like controls to move arround in graph

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by Rebin ericnotar
4 years ago

Thank you eric 🙂
Sorry your having trouble resetting your password, tried it myself, seems fine. I can recover your old account if you wish.
I've fixed that, so now Korduene can get the latest update, the website still seems to have some issues.

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by Rebin ericnotar
4 years ago

The setup is still from the old release, I will renew it with the next update, but if you start Korduene it should update to 0.91.
And for your account, check your gmail email 😉

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